Saturday, June 19, 2010


Under a cool and cloudless sky this morning, the inaugural Battlefield 5K & 1/2 Marathon kicked off at 0730 am with the 1/2Marathon, followed by the 5K at 0800 am. Just over 250 runners participated in both events. The Start and Finish lines are located on the historic Kernstown Battlefield, just within the city limits of Winchester, VA. Both courses were very challenging as the runners traversed local hills and scenic country roads. Proceeds of the events go to support the local homeless shelter!
Congratulations goes out to all the runners in both running events.
Links to the results are located below.

The overall 5K champion was Anthony Lynch in a time of 20:07

The overall 1/2 Marathon champion was Ben Ingram in a time of 1:21:39

The winner of the Military and & Law Enforcement Division was Sean Ward from Camp LeJeune, NC in a time of 1:39:42

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pacemakers 5K & 10K Races

An upwards of 150 runners came out to run in the Pacemaker races over some very scenic and rolling hills in Warrenton, VA. The event was in support of the Fauquier Free Clinic which is a non-profit health and dental care clinic serving patients in Fauquier and Rappahannock Counties in Virginia.

The Kids 1K Fun Run literally took off down the Airlie Airstrip just before 8am. What a great site to see so many young ones cruising down the runway. The 5K and 10K runners each toed the line just after the Kids Run for what was shaping up to be a warm and muggy morning through the foothills of Fauquier County. Both races are run simultaneously with the 5K runners receiving about a 1 minute lag before hitting the course behind their 10K brethren. Each race completed at the same finish line with the runners each looking as if they had done battle with the heat and humidity throughout the morning.

In the 5K race, 13 year old Joshua Small blazed the first place overall men’s finish in a time of 19:51. The lady’s overall champion was Johanna Scott in a time of 20:08.
In the 10K race, the men’s winner was Jonathan James in a time of 44:53. Nikki Bowen was the first lady to cross the line in 47:08.

The overall combined results can be found at:

The 5K Age Groups results can be found at:

The 10K Age Groups results be found at:

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wired To Run 5K

62 runners took to the trails near the Old Dominion Baptist church in Gainesville, VA for the 1st Annual Moms for Safe Wireless “Wired to Run 5K”. Moms for Safe Wireless is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization that educates people about wireless products and the reported health effects of wireless technology.

Bobby G motivated the crowd with some rocking tunes, while Ron Stringfellow from Fitness Together got the runners limber and warmed up for the run. The weather heated up quickly with a nice breeze in the air, which may have been at Rory Bryan’s back as he was first overall running a pace of just under 7 minutes per mile for a time of 21:38. Tammy Tribett was hot on his heels to lead the women’s race and grab the second overall finish in a time of 22:45.

It was great to see everyone enjoying one of Prince William County’s best kept secrets in the Broad Run stream trail system. Many said they may never go back to running on roads again.

The overall results can be found @:

The Age Groups can be found @:

Thursday, June 3, 2010

200-Mile Run: "FSB" Holzhauer

The intent of this little blog will be to cover the progress and movements of "Formerly Smoking Bob" (FSB) Holzhauer during his 200-Mile journey from Cumberland, MD (the start) to the Navy Memorial in Washington DC (the finish). 184.5 miles of the journey will be run on the C&O Canal Towpath. The updates below will be posted as quickly as we can receive them from Bob's amazing crew. This includes vehicle crews, bikers, runners, and any other amazing soul helping Bob accomplish this great "feet". My guess is that the updates will be coming in every couple of hours or so. (Scroll to Bottom for Most Recent Updates).

1230 02 JUN 2010: We (Alex, the Bob Blogger and FSB) arrive @ the donkey. This is the northern terminus of the C&O Canal. About an hour earlier Bob talked me into eating his pre-race meal of 3 (yes three) McDonald's double cheeseburger. I opted for no cheese. I still do not know what he was thinking. We parked the car, prepped his runner bag, and went into the building to use a final "nice bathroom" before toeing off on the Towpath. The weather was Sunny and around mid to upper 80's. FSB was in great spirits to whole way up, talking up a storm, and telling me his game plan: eating, running, shoes, bikers, pit crews, pacers, missing pacers, blister mgmt, etc. Local ultrarunner Rande Brown was in attendance for the push off.

1255 02 JUN 2010: I take a couple of final pictures of FSB with the Donkey and under the big blue sign that shows the exact terminus of the C&O Canal Towpath. FSB is jacked-up for the journey. His plan is well laid out. He has the classic smile on his face; he can not contain himself. Sounder the shadows of the trees, a Sunny sky, and a swift kick in the ---, FSB is off and running. The first leg is 11.4 Miles.

1400 02 JUN 2010: I arrive to the parking area of the first aid station area. The plan is to run backwards on the trail to meet-up with him, then run with until the aid station. I meet up with Bob about 25mins later. He is looks solid like a horse coming at me on the trail. Once we start chatting, I quickly find he is in great shape, his spirits high, and has a great focus on his goal. He has been eating and drinking steadily.

1525 02 JUN 2010: FSB rolls into the first aid station. Complete 11.4 miles. He spirits are great; he is joking. Though hot on the trails, this does not or has not effected Bob. He is entertaining me on the trails. For some reason, he keep repeating "I swallowed a bug and coughed up a carcass." He is also fired up for his evening run as the heat is starting to taper a bit. He keeps talking about his favorite ultra running drink; Coke!!!

1600 02 JUN 2010: I arrive @ the second aid station: Town Creek Aqueduct Mile 22.4 The parking area is next to a local swimming hole. My plan is to wait until Denis Cook and Peter Shoemaker arrive and I'll take off and meet up with Bob and run him in.

1720 02 JUN 2010: Waiting for an hour @ the local swimming hole. I meet up with FSB after running a few miles backwards on the trail. Bob is showing great discipline in the run. He has a great walk/run plan in place.

1837 02 JUN 2010:

2012 02 JUN 2010: Bob and Denis arrive @ the Paw Paw aid station. Bob eats a weener cooked by Peter; pounds a bottle of Powerade, changes socks, and we can not differentiate his smell from the canal anymore. FSB and Denis take off about 15mins later. Bob is happy. Denis is definitely giving Bob the energy boost he needs to run into the night!

2130 02 JUN 2010: Primary crew vehicle breaks down @ Paw Paw.

0115 03 JUN 2010: (SUBMITTED by Denis Cook) Location: 15 Mile Creek Transition Point Cumulative Distance: 54.5 miles. I picked up Bob at the Town Creek Aqueduct transition point. After logging just over 10% of the run -- 22.4 miles, to be precise -- Bob looked strong, felt strong, and smelled strong. I was told he ate three cheeseburgers before the run began. But, above all, his spirits were exceptionally high.After Bob downed a few bottles of water and reloaded his pack, the two of us set out to the next transition point, Paw Paw, which was 5.8 miles away. The afternoon sun, still quite high, sat on our backs as we left Town Creek. Fortunately, we were under heavy tree cover the whole way. As we pushed forward, Bob and I swapped the usual stories of our personal and professional lives, as well as a few gems that aren't for polite conversation. "What's said on the trail stays on the trail..."At any rate, by the Paw Paw transition point, the sun was no longer an issue: For the remaining miles we ran together, Bob and I were either in the Paw Paw tunnel or under nightfall. Through it all, Bob ran consistent, maintaining 18 minute miles -- despite nightfall, a lack of Coca Cola Classic, and repeated stops to slaughter mosquitoes and spiders.It's worth noting that Bob had everything down to a science. His fluid and calorie intake was well structured, just like his sock rotation system. Suffice it to say, he had all the details worked out. Of course, we hit a couple of glitches along the way, but that's expected, at least if you ask me, when you're running 200 miles. When I left Bob at the 15 Mile Creek transition point -- I had to get back to work -- he had a 10.5 mile leg in front of him. After refueling and repacking, Bob set out solo without hesitation.
Bob's well on his way.

0530 03 JUN 2010: (Submitted by Peter Shoemaker):

1200 03 JUN 2010: (Submitted by Peter Shoemaker) "Bob finally got the Coke. Tom arrived around 8:30 [am] or so. Bob is still moving forward. Work on mile 75.

1546 03 JUN 2010: (Submitted by Peter Shoemaker): FSB is finishing up 78miles. His feet are mostly duct taped at this point. Storm clouds coming in. FSB is about two legs without coverage on the trail.

1601 03 JUN 2010: (Submitted by Peter Shoemaker): "Here Comes The Rain" .....isn't that a song or something. FSB has been at it for just over 27hours. About to start Leg #11. Lots of pain induced humor.

1651 03 JUN 2010: (Submitted by Peter Shoemaker): FSB still moving priorities are shifting.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Athletic Equation (AEI) June Events

29 MAY 2010: Fresh off our busy schedule of trail runs and road races in March, April, and May, AEI will be wrapping up our Spring Schedule in June with our finall three events. All these events will have race day registration. We encourage everyone to pre-register and come out and enjoy the run. If you have any questions, please contact us @:

06/05/2010: Wired to Run 5K;

06/06/2010: Pacemakers 5K & 10K;

06/19/2010: Winchester 5K & 1/2 Marathon;

CrossFit Woodbridge 5K

29 MAY 2010: Athletic Equation had the distinct opportunity to team up with CrossFit Woodbridge to professionally time and manage their Work-Out of the Day (WOD). We started the morning with a short talk on running, the benefits it brings to the CrossFit Work-Out ethos, importance of integrating running into an overall fitness plan, and the importance of finding the best pair running shoes that work for you. We thank Dan for this opportunity and look forward too many more to come.

A special congratulations goes to Julie Inge. Julie completed her 1st 5K and to date this is furthest distance she has ever run! CONGRATULATIONS JULIE!!!

The results from today's WOD can be found @:

Other contributors to today's run were The Running Store , and Quest Sports Science Center .

Run Well!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


22 MAY 2010: Over 500 runners hit the pavement this morning in the 7th running of the Braemar 5K and 1 Mile Run. This run was started 7 years ago with proceeds of the event going towards the Cedar Point Elementary. The 1 Mile Fun Run started at 8:00am with a top finishing time of 7 mins and 03 seconds for kids 12 and Under. The event is entirely managed by the Cedar Point PTA. The PTA has worked many long hours, coordinating all facets of the event from road safety to volunteer support, to pre- and race day registration. The objective is to promote health and wellness amongst the young kiddos. Great job to the PTA, the kids, and ALL the runners who took part in the runs today!

The results for the 1 mile fun run can be found at:

The overall winner for the Braemar 5K was Hugh Toland in a scortching time of 17:11. The overall female winner was Meghan Blackstone in a great time of 20:04.

The age group results are located at:

The overall results are located at:

Sunday, April 25, 2010

2010 Coles 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run and Walk

Steady rain and overcast conditions did not keep away over 150 registered runners and walkers from participating the the Coles 5K and 1 Mile Walk and Fun Run. The event is designed to promote health and fitness in the local Coles community of Prince William County. Many local vendors contributed to the event making a great success. Mack Mulhall and Kiley Smith finished in the lead for the 1 Mile Walk and Fun Run. A big congratulations goes to the many 1 Mile Finishers in less than ideal conditions. The 1 Mile Finishers List:

Top honors for the 5K Run were taken home by Cameron Calder in a blistering time of 22:33 on the rolling trails of Hellwig Park in Prince William County. The top women's finisher was Laurie Bradie in a blazing time of 24:36.

The overall results can be found @:

The age group results are found @:

Live Well/Run Well!